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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


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Are you buried in debt? Are you constantly being harassed by creditors? Have you received a notice of foreclosure?

Filing for bankruptcy can help you put an end to all of these problems. At Jeff Field & Associates, our lawyers...


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Blog Post

There is Life After Debt

One of the reasons so many people find themselves drowning in debt, feeling helpless and as though they’ll never get out from under is that they resist pursuing bankruptcy far longer than they should. There is a stigma attached to the very word “bankruptcy,” making many feel as though avoiding it at all costs is better than struggling for years to repay debt that has gotten out of hand. If you find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to come to our office and talk to us about the reality of bankruptcy as a viable alternative, not a declaration of personal failure.

You are not the only one in financial trouble

If you wake up every morning and feel a crushing weight on your shoulders because of your finances, you are far from alone. Georgians are especially feeling the pinch of a long downturn in the national economy, with an unemployment rate that continues to outpace the national average. Additionally, our state has the second-highest rate of bankruptcy filings in the nation, about 50 percent more than the national average. So many of your friends and neighbors are probably in a similar financial crisis to yours — although it’s likely no one is discussing it.

Bankruptcy is not a character flaw

The United States was founded on ethics such as working hard to earn fair pay, pulling your own weight and personal responsibility. While all of these fine ideals hold true today, it is difficult to remain wholly self-sufficient when your options for earning are slim to none.

You can help yourself and your family out of dire financial straits by speaking to a qualified bankruptcy lawyer about how best to approach your debt. Consider this:

  • Is it more responsible to remain locked in a cycle of angry creditors demanding payments you simply cannot afford to make?
  • Or is it better to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and settle some or all of your debts, perhaps by coming up with a reasonable repayment plan?

Talk to our bankruptcy law office about the options available, many of which you may not be aware, and find out how to regain your financial independence.

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