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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


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Are you buried in debt? Are you constantly being harassed by creditors? Have you received a notice of foreclosure?

Filing for bankruptcy can help you put an end to all of these problems. At Jeff Field & Associates, our lawyers...


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Blog Post

Getting Past the Bankruptcy Blues

Once you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy, you probably feel like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders. After all, you’ve chosen a path that will help you and your family get a fresh start. You will no longer be afraid to answer the phone or go to your mailbox, worrying that you must deal with yet another harassing call or dunning notice.

Yet, as bankruptcy lawyers who have helped people throughout the Atlanta area solve their financial problems, we frequently see that clients who feel an initial sense of relief start experiencing a creeping sense of worry and even depression.

Signs of the bankruptcy blues may include:

Just as you have done something positive to take care of your financial situation, make sure you take positive steps to take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and exercise. Make sure you are maintaining healthy eating habits. Don’t be afraid to seek counseling if you think you need it. If your medical plan does not have mental health benefits and you cannot afford a private therapist, Fulton County offers affordable behavioral health services. You may also find help at your place of worship, from a support group or a close friend.

Bankruptcy is not an easy choice but one you make to help yourself and your family move forward. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Millions of people throughout the U.S. — hardworking people, just like you — have found debt relief through the Constitutional right to file for bankruptcy.

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